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Art of the perfect token design

Value, Usage and Utility

Comprehensive financial and token economy planning (or lack thereof) is one of the things which can make or break your project. Yet a lot of DeFi  projects and token sales choose to forgo this critical step by either employing a copy/paste approach from other projects or by using figures which are unsubstantiated by data.


Make sure your project is different. It should have iron-clad figures and projections, prepared by an analytics expert with years of experience in finance and blockchain.

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Free consultation

 Free consultation 

 Free consultation 

Not sure what you need or where to start? Send me your core documents and schedule a call to discuss your project.

 Tokenomics packages 

All of your tokenomics needs covered on a fixed price/fixed term basis. The best practices in token economics and sale setup. Token value modeling.

 Blockchain analytics 

Detailed analysis and creation of Dune Analytics dashboards for all your data needs post-launch.


Hristo Piyankov

Lead Crypto Economist

I love crypto, but I am not a crypto maximalist.

Coming from a background in finance (13+ years) I understand that level-headedness and objectivity are key when launching complex financial products. Crypto is a great hammer, but not everything is a nail. Some things are better done off-chain, some things require conservative finance thinking. Others can be bold and innovative. Helping you decide which are which is my job.

With over 200+ crypto projects behind my back and overwhelmingly positive feedback from my clients, I can help you design your project in a financially feasible way.


Master Ventures

Top crypto venture fund

We have been working with Hristo for several months now and are completely blown away by his work. Not only the attention to detail but also the extensiveness of what he delivers is exceptional. 

What sets Hristo and FinDaS apart is that they really understand token utility and use cases. Multiple times FinDaS has brought new ideas to the table on how to improve the utility of the token and to add more use cases to the already existing model, which clearly shows that they fully understood our ideas and approaches. 

We are very happy with the professionalism, the deep understanding of economic models, and of course the overall quality of the work that has been delivered by FinDaS.

You can also see a summary of the notable crypto-related projects that we have worked with here.

Or you can review the feedback from dozens of satisfied customers on Upwork.

We are the go-to tokenomics experts for:

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Ready to work together?

We can offer two streams for on-boarding of your project, with their respective availability (the service offered is identical, however the expediated pipeline carries a price premium due to the earlier start date):

Standard pipeline:
Expedited pipeline:

The best way to kick off a project is by filling our token economy questionnaire. This will give us sufficient information so that we are fully prepared to dive into the details of your project even on our first call. It will also set a good starting point where all of the requirements on your end are clear.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your needs first, you can book a meeting, at a convenient for you time slot.

Lastly, if none of the above are convenient, you could also email us at tokenomics@findas.org

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