Discover Tokonomics Projects with FinDaS participation

Below is only a small subset of the crypto-related projects we have done tokenomics design for.
A massive play-to-earn game
A network for the decentralized internet
A new generation 3D Grand Strategy, 4X & RTS combined with DeFi.
The DeFi trailblazer on Cardano
Undisclosed. One of the top 10 standalone blockchains by market capitalization
The first fully decentralized insurance protocol
Bringing NFTs to life via AI
Undisclosed. Award-winning open-source development platform
The largest crypto publications network
One of the best and largest crypto data providers
DeFi Cross-chain liquidity by the team behind NUT
Undisclosed. A world-leading fintech company
One of the top e-spots teams in the world.
One of the first crypto banks
A project in the intersection of NFTs and DeFi
Cross-chain DeFi lending protocol
Auditing from the people behind OmiseGo
Real estate tokenisation with over 500 mil USD tokenised
Cross-chain interoperable token
The largest blockchain career record network
World’s largest peer to peer computing grid
A protocol bridging the gap between DeFi and traditional finance
Undisclosed. State accepted KYC, AML and banking
One of the biggest green mining farms in Canada
Blockchain revenue-share advertising
Undisclosed. A blockchain social network
Undisclosed. Blockchain collateralized lending
Royalty collection network

And a lot, lot more...