Tokenomics Design Services

Get started with your data-driven tokenomics design, by the industry's top tokenomics consultants.

Economy simulation
Interactive token economy simulation built on Machinations. Foolproof your token economy using Monte Carlo simulations of various user behaviors.
  • Visual Monte Carlo simulation of your token economy
  • Token sustainability report posted on our website or medium
  • Various user behavioral scenarios
  • Token price stability/liquidity simulations based on user behaviour
  • Easily adjustable assumptions and scenarios, even by non-technical people
  • A great visual tool for both customers and investors
  • Prerequisites: Existing tokenomics design
See example deliverable
Tokenomics design
All the documents that you need for your token economy in a standalone format. Can be used as a (more financial) version of a whitepaper.
  • Full token & sale design
  • Toklen value drivers and incentives
  • Multiple token price models
  • Benchmarking against other projects
  • Liquidity pool setup & sensitivity analysis
  • Token price sensitivity analysis
  • Full DAO / Governance / Voting setup
  • Ongoing support
  • 50+ pages
  • Prerequisites: None
See example deliverables
If you have an existing token economy and would like a second opinion we can review it and provide practical suggestions for improvement.
  • Review of your current setup
  • Feedback on what can be improved
  • Feedback on what is implemented properly
  • 1-10 score on various components of your setup
  • 7-10 slides
  • Prerequisites: Existing tokenomics design
See example deliverable