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Did you see our offers? Discover tokenomics design and modeling with us!

Review of your current token economy setup with a highlight on the good aspects of it and recommendations for areas of improvement.
2 000 USD
  • Review and feedback on your current tokenomics
See example deliverable
Full tokenomics
All the documents that you need for your token economy in a standalone format. Can be used as a (more financial) version of a whitepaper.
18 000 USD + 0.6% token supply
  • Everything from Basic tokenomics
  • Benchmarking against other projects
  • Liquidity pool setup & sensitivity analysis
  • Token price sensitivity analysis
  • DAO / Governance setup
  • Ongoing support
See example deliverables
Basic tokenomics
Includes everything for your token economy. Not suitable as a stand-alone paper, but can be added to an existing whitepaper.
14 000 USD + 0.4% token supply
  • Tokenomics design & explanations
  • Token value drivers & incentives
  • Token sale setup
  • Token fair price estimate
  • Top-down project profit estimate
  • Governance roadmap & vote counting
See example deliverables

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