Payment and pricing

1) FIXED TERM, FIXED SCOPE, FIXED PRICE. Please note that if you choose ANY of our packages they are delivered on a fixed term/fixed price/fixed scope basis as per our services page.  The implications of each of those are:

a) Fixed-term: At the start of each project, it will be given a development slot with a start and end date. In case the project suffers a significant delay for reasons outside of the control of FinDaS Ltd (slow client response times, inability of client to provide project information), the project might be delayed for a later time slot (the next available one). The next available time slot is not necessarily the following month! At times our development queue is 2-3 months long and in case such delay occurs during times of big workload, the project deliverables might be delayed for several months.

b) Fixed-price: Proper analytics, research, and financial/economic modeling normally take hundreds of hours. The deliverables provided by us are done in only a fraction of this time and a fraction of the cost, using out-of-the-box templates and a standardized approach. While we do our best to deliver the best quality possible, please be aware that it is not possible to compress a hundred hours of analytics in just a few hours. If you have any concerns regarding this, please contact us and we can discuss an alternative approach.

c) Fixed-scope: The scope of the project is defined within the token economy one-pager which you will receive based on the token economy questionnaire and the first several calls that we have. After this scope is set any significant change in the scope, assumptions, structure, or timeliness of the project is going to have an impact on the development time, as well as on the delivery price. Examples of what you will receive are detailed in our services page. All of the examples listed here are representative of your final deliverables. Any additional work (such as consulting services) is paid separately on per hour basis. 

2) 50% of the agreed-upon FIAT price is required for booking a slot for the project and adding you to our development queue (down payment). The development queue works on a first-come-first-serve basis - whatever timelines are agreed, they are fixed only after you make the 50% downpayment. In case another project makes the downpayment before you, your timelines might shift. The remaining 50% (+ any token allocation agreed) is due only after all work is accepted by you. We issue invoices for any work delivered, and as such, I will need the following information from you:

  • UIC/EIN (Alphanumeric company registration number)

  • VAT Number (if available)

  • Company Name

  • Full address

3) All payments are denominated in USD (apart from project token allocations), regardless of the currency in which you paid. For example, if we have agreed on a 3000 USD payment and you chose to pay it in BTC, then BTC doubles in value on the next day, this payment is still considered only 3000 USD. To avoid any issues in this regard, if you pay in crypto, we recommend that you use stable coins.



4) Please note that for any of the models quoted here, you will get access to the model’s outputs. However, you will NOT get the whole model file unlocked under any circumstance or the possibility to modify the figures yourself. The reasons for this are that:

a) We need to ensure that the models are functioning properly as it has our name attached to it and

b) The model templates listed here have been developed over hundreds of hours, you are paying only a fraction of this time and namely to produce outputs relevant to your project, but not the templates themselves. For any of the papers  – you will get full, unrestricted access. Thank you for your understanding.

5) Everything which we deliver for your project is 100% our own work, with external sources and references provided where appropriate. Some parts of the documents, pertaining to non-project-specific texts, charts, graphics, and formulas, might be identical (as text and/or formatting) with other documents produced by me for other projects. These include, but are not limited to the explanation of some formulas, modeling techniques, economic theories, and policies. This is due to the fact that we use templates, which significantly reduce the development time for all deliverables. If you need all of your content to be 100% unique, please let us know, but also keep in mind that this would substantially increase the cost.

6) Refunds. The 50% down payment is not refundable. It is used to save a slot for you in our development queue and to review the project / provide initial feedback. The only scenario under which the 50% down payment is refundable is if we are unable to complete the project due to an issue on our end (e.g. conflict of interest, we are physically incapable of completing the project in time). 

If you are not happy with the work done, we will of course do everything in our power to make the deliverables good enough for you. If in the end, you are still not happy with the result, you can choose to not pay the remaining 50% of the amount due. Please note that should this be the case, you will also lose access to all deliverables which we prepared for you.

Refunds are ALWAYS done in the currency of the original payment but ONLY denominated in the USD value of the original payment. This means: if you paid 3000 USD in BTC, then BTC doubled in value and you request a refund, you will get back 3000 USD in BTC (essentially half the original BTC amount). You will NOT get back the original BTC amount. The same is valued in the opposite direction, If you paid 2000 USD in ETH and then ETH drops in value, if you request a refund you will get more ETH back - the equivalent of 2000 USD.


7) You have read, understood, and agree to the following general disclaimer.