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We are Tokenomics experts that have been in crypto since 2015 with more than 220+ projects behind our backs that, in turn, have raised over 1BN USD in funding. We make sure your project has a sustainable token economy and adheres to all best practices. Tokenomics by FinDaS. Data-driven. Tested. Sustainable.

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Meet the team

Meet our team of tokenomics consultants with hundreds of projects experience behind our backs.

Hristo Piyankov
Lead token economy expert

I love crypto, but I am not a crypto maximalist. As a tokenomics expert, the most important thing is making sure we deliver sustainable tokenomics design for all of our clients. With over 220+ crypto projects behind my back and overwhelmingly positive feedback from my clients, I can help you design your project in a financially feasible way.

Diana Ilieva
DAO & NFT expert

Diana comes from an IT background working on FinTech and data platform projects, reaching senior management and heading a team of 23 people. As a crypto advisor, she's particularly passionate about DeFi, DAOs, degen art & blockchain gaming. Β 

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The best way to kick off a project is by filling out our tokenomics design questionnaire. This will give us sufficient information so that we are fully prepared to dive into the details of your project even on our first call. It will also set a good starting point where all of the requirements on your end are clear. Alternatively if you prefer to meet us first, you can either book a meeting or take a look at our interactive video presenation.

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